Original Honeybea Bumwarmer featuring Pinwheel Daisy | $55 + Baby Bumwarmer | $39.

The Original Honeybea Bumwarmer™

How often does the fashion world witness the arrival of an innovative and totally new and unique garment? Behold The Honeybea Bumwarmer™!  

Completely original in concept, The Honeybea Bumwarmer™ is designed, developed, and exclusively produced at Toronto's own Honeybea Designhive in the heart of the city's flourishing Art and Design District. Made by hand through a finely tuned process of artfully recycling castaway, premium knit sweaters and meant to be worn over leggings, skinny jeans and yoga pants, our trademarked Bumwarmers™ are simple yet brilliant, sustainable yet stylish. Offering remarkably original functionality and promoting that gorgeous, Canadian, "layered look", a product that had never been seen before instantly became one of immensely high demand, flying off the shelves at Canada's leading trade shows and festivals, all while diverting thousands of unwanted sweaters from landfills each year.  

Developed in 2007, this wildly popular piece of Canadian fashion history appeals to an unlimited audience of women of all shapes, ages and sizes, including eco-friendly cyclists who ride year round, hockey moms with chilly bums, on-the-go yogis and sassy ski bunnies in search of sleek, apres-ski apparel. 

With each piece being one of a kind just like our customers, it seemed only logical to make our approach to sizing as unique as our product! Wanting to eliminate all unwarranted and negative connotations that go along with traditional sizing, Honeybea has reinvented the size chart, replacing small, medium and large with the much more thoughtful and endearing Buttercup, Peachy and Bootyful. Which one are you?!