Original Honeybea Bumwarmer featuring Pinwheel Daisy | $55 + Baby Bumwarmer | $39.

The Original Honeybea Bumwarmer™

Pick up your very own piece of Canadian Fashion History with the Original Honeybea Bumwarmer! Developed in 2007 and produced exclusively at Toronto's own Honeybea Designhive, our trademark Bumwarmers are an ingenious little accessory never seen before by the world of fashion! Perfect for the eco friendly cyclist who rides year round, hockey moms with chilly bums, sassy ski bunnies or simply for style over leggings, yoga pants or skinny jeans, these cozy and ever so practical little layer pieces have instantly become a must-have essential for every Northern Girl. Handcrafted using only the finest recycled materials, each one of a kind piece is more beautiful than the next! Available in sizes Teeny (XS), Buttercup (S), Peachy (M) and Bootyful (L).... Which one are you?!